Professional Learning and Development

We believe that professional learning and professional development experiences are a time to focus on outcomes and to build capacity in an identified area. We understand that professional learning and growth are a process that requires concrete strategies and dedicated time for implementation.

Holly and Sarah presenting at SHAPE America

Professional Learning Experiences

Lighthouse Wellness and Health Education Consulting, Inc, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, is offering a series of free professional learning opportunities for school and district personnel.

The following are a sampling of services we provide.

  • Skills-based health education 101
  • Developing health education programming – Elementary or Secondary
  • Performance-Based Assessment in Health Education
  • Being Skills-Based during Remote Instruction
  • Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community Model
  • Creating a Culture of Well-Being
  • Mindfulness in K-12 classrooms
  • Equity and Justice in Health Education
  • Training in Mental Health First Aid (youth and adult)
  • Strengthening Supports & Building Capacity for School Health Programs
  • Integrating trauma-sensitive and culturally relevant pedagogy and practices
  • Using CDC school-health products in your school community (School Health Index, HE-CAT, PE-CAT, School Health Guidelines, etc)
  • Re-entry guidance for schools for health education and physical education
  • Increasing movement before, during and after schools – CSPAP model
  • Cross-Curricular & Cross-School Partnerships

For each learning experience above, we use engaging and interactive strategies that allow for deeper connection and future application. We implement best practices for effective professional learning, and work with you to develop the offering from pre-work through follow-up. We provide offerings in person and virtually.

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Chicago Public Schools logo

Chicago Public Schools

We worked with Chicago Public Schools to develop a comprehensive plan to support health education in the district. We worked closely with the Director of Physical and Health Education to design multiple professional learning experiences for their educators. We also designed a Train the Trainer professional learning opportunity to further build capacity within CPS to advance health education.

In addition to the professional learning, we developed curriculum at the elementary, middle and high school levels designed specifically for the CPS community. The units include trauma-sensitive approaches, integrate social justice standards and content related to justice and equity, and are student centered with many opportunities for shared power with students. We collaborated with the Director and selected health teachers representing the diverse populations of students and communities in CPS to ensure that curriculum would meet their needs.

Lighthouse Wellness and Health Education Consulting have been instrumental in moving Chicago Public Schools towards skill-based health education. What sets them apart is they are real practitioners themselves and understand the need to develop curriculum and professional learning that is unique to the district’s environmental needs by using local data. Their professional learning approach is responsive to each participant and meets them where they are in their cycle of learning. They are comprehensive in their approach, which allows for flexibility in an ever-changing educational environment. Lastly, Holly and Sarah are exceptional communicators that allow for a smooth and enjoyable experience.”

Eileen Hare, Director, Health and Physical Education Chicago Public Schools