Curriculum and Programs

Our goal is to support the creation of a culture of health and well-being within schools, organizations and communities through effective programming and curriculum. To support this, we offer a range of services that target the development and evaluation of your whole program or a specific curriculum.

Holly and Sarah workshop

Development and Evaluation of Curriculum and Programs

While we may visit or work with your team for a small piece of time, our guided experiences are designed to set your team up for long-term success and prepare you to continue the work after we have left.

The following are a sampling of services we provide.

  • Revising your existing health education curriculum
  • Developing a new skills-based health education curriculum
  • Designing and implementing a program evaluation
  • Needs assessment to support development/revision of local wellness policies
  • Focus groups & stakeholder interviews
  • Review of district-wide wellness programming with post-review summary report
  • Aligning your curriculum with social and emotional competencies
  • Creating guidance documents & policy statements

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Holliston Public Schools

Holliston Public Schools

We conducted a two year K-12 Wellness Program Review for Holliston Public Schools (Holliston, MA). During Year 1, we collected data on various aspects of wellness programming in the district including social and emotional learning. We worked closely with administration and teachers throughout the data collection process to ensure we were gathering relevant and useful data to inform recommendations and changes. At the end of year 1, recommendations for improvement were provided for the district.

During year 2, we worked to implement various recommendations and support capacity within the district to improve wellness programming. This included supporting the Wellness Curriculum Specialist, the creation of social and emotional learning teams at all levels, facilitating professional learning, revising and creating new health education curricula at all levels, creating monthly “well-letters” to support staff and faculty wellness, and more.

I am so thankful my district found Lighthouse Wellness & Health Education Consulting to help evaluate and grow our wellness program; there couldn’t possibly be a better person to work with than Sarah Benes. From the get-go, Sarah is approachable, collaborative, and responsive. Sarah’s wellness and health education knowledge combined with her drive and creativity, helped us take our program to a new level. You will be in excellent hands with Lighthouse Wellness & Health Education Consulting!”

Holliston Public Schools Wellness Specialist