Facilitation Expertise

You can be assured when working with any Lighthouse Wellness and Health Education team member that your needs are our top priority. Because of this, we take care to identify your needs and then facilitate a tailored experience for your team. Our team members are well-versed in adult learning theory and group dynamics and utilize these techniques to move participants forward.

Classroom facilitation

Tailored Experiences

The following are a sampling of services we provide.

  • Group coaching & team development to support or achieve program outcomes
  • Training of Trainers/cadre development to improve school health programs
  • Strategic planning
  • Logic model creation
  • Curriculum development
  • Needs Assessment
  • Meeting Management
  • Developing policies and practices
  • State-Level frameworks/standards creation

Don’t see what you need?

Aurora Colorado public schools logo

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora CO Public Schools partnered with us on a year long project in which we supported the district in multiple ways: 1) revised their sexual health education curriculum to align with skills-based approaches, 2) provided support for health education asset mapping across the district and surrounding communities, 3) Engaged teachers in two days of virtual professional learning that included a 101 session as well as a “2.0” session exploring issues of equity, justice and culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogies, and 4) developed strategies for integrating health skills and content into their physical education program.

Over the past two years, Aurora Public Schools has engaged with Holly and Sarah to reimagine, nurture and support the culture of health education within our District. Together, we have examined possibilities at their highest level, examined challenges for their turning points and sought out high impact practices to leverage in our diverse community. Holly and Sarah took time to get to know the APS community by listening to teachers, looking at data, seeking student voice and checking for understanding. The result we received: tailored professional development, skills based practices, differentiated curriculum, and individualized support for teachers. Our most recent session of PD included themes of social justice and equality, an important inclusion for the 2020 school year. One of the books discussed within the PD (Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain) became a book study for teachers to participate in prior to school starting in the Fall. On a personal note, anything that I have asked, Holly and Sarah have answered with a guiding practice, example, or solution. We have enjoyed our engaging relationship with Lighthouse Wellness and Health Education Consulting, and look forward to continued partnership with them in the future.”

Sarah Coleman – Aurora, CO